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About us



LudWin is a different solution for the gaming market; a new business, marketing, and technical philosophy carried out with a focus on Africa. Aware of market realities, LudWin finds solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and their economic and structural realities.

The legislation, product types and positioning, prices, prizes table structures, the operational structure, distribution, technology, logistics, training of retailers and clerks, promotion at the point of sales, the procedures for drawing, risk management, dissemination of the results, winners’ payments and many other aspects, must be structured in a coherent way in order to steer an operator towards the success of its strategy.

LudWin operates, advises and supports its clients – for a specific occasion or on a longer basis – on all aspects of the gaming environment and by relying on effective, multidisciplinary teams whose skills are well-recognized.


A unique vision of the market

LudWin proposes a tailored offer to the needs and abilities of gaming operator.

For LudWin:

– Technology does not set the market but adjusts to the products and the specific needs of each operator.
– The things that are possible in the world today are not necessarily viable or valuable for every operator at a given time. Before choosing a direction, the advice of experts having a broad view and experience of the industry is always important.

Our philosophy and the mission that we adhere to day after day are: listening, being available, and understanding the specificities and the facts.  We then adapt our products, our technology and our know-how to meet your expectations.

A clear focus on Africa

From its Paris and Tunis hubs,  LudWin manages the development of the group on the African continent.

Axing its first layer of development of sports betting , the company provides products, services, technologies and advice in the field of gaming: scratch games, sports betting, virtual games, number games, fast draw games, online games, SMS gaming, …

Under its own brand Sports4Africa or under white labels brands, it keeps developping and expanding as a reliable and experienced service provider (www.sports4africa.org).


Fully managed franchises or white labels: BtoB and BtoBtoC

Thanks to its operational know-how acquired in several countries and thanks to content and technology provided by first class partners, LudWin enables licensed gaming operators, whether in start up or maturity phase, to be partially or fully supported in their launch and operations. LudWin offers a unique range of products, a wealth of gaming knowledge and experience, fully integrated sales channels (fixed point of sales, street sellers, mobile, SMS, USSD, on-line, Android, IOS, …) allying performance, security and, most importantly, adaptation to the African field reality.

Operators can thus rely on unique knwoledge and track record, proven technology and a flexible, reactive structure ready to adapt to their needs in a more and more competitive market.

LudWin proposes to its BtoB sports betting clients to use its own Sports4africa brand in order to leverage its existence and history or to deploy their own brand of their choice in a fully managed environment.